What We Do

Horizon is Queen Mary's Grammar School's near space programme.Founded in 2012, the project provides our School and its pupils with an incredibly enriching and memorable experience. Horizon also aims to raise the profile of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics within QMGS and the wider community. Using high-altitude balloons, we fly our probes far beyond the breathable atmosphere of the troposphere and out into the blackness of the stratosphere.


An epic space race. Two teams compete to launch the quickest but also with the most innovative aims.


An effort to capture the sun rise. An all new probe, flight computer and a complex mathematical model to predict the sun rise.


The sky is not the limit. As Felix jumps from space, Horizon launches. A trimphunt effort to rise higher than Felix Baumgartner.

Previous Missions

mission_face Beat Felix Focus on Altitude

Aiming to beat the altitude achieved by Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos Team of 39045m. Our secondary goal was to achieve a top ten Amateur World Altitude Record. The team used the first hydrogen filled balloon and a redesigned flight computer, reducing its size and lowering its power consumption.

mission_face Sunchaser Capture the Sunrise

Planning to capture the sunrise over our planet and inspire others through our actions. Involved the development of a mathematical model to predict the time of the sun rise as seen from the stratosphere, a newly designed and built probe and flight computer and a beacon to that helps locate the probe when it lands.

mission_face Team Luna Image Quality

We aimed to obtain higher quality images and film than previous missions.Team Luna captured footage of the Moon whilst exceeding last year's peak altitude of 36,309m. Part of The Near Space Race, a vigorous space race to launch into the stars and accomplish greater feats before Team Polaris.

mission_face Team Polaris Music in the Stars

Broadcasting the School Song from the stratosphere, cementing Queen Mary's Grammar School among the stars. We also planned a collection of 3D images using two cameras. Part of The Near Space Race, a vigorous space race to launch into the stars and accomplish greater feats before Team Luna.