About Us

Horizon is Queen Mary's Grammar School's near space programme. Founded in 2012, the project provides our School and its pupils with an incredibly enriching and memorable experience. Horizon also aims to raise the profile of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics within QMGS and the wider community. Using high-altitude balloons, we fly our probes far beyond the breathable atmosphere of the troposphere and out into the blackness of the stratosphere.

2019 Mission: Team Astraeus

Pushing the limits of video capture utilising High Altitude Ballooning. This year's launch will have a wealth of different aspects; most notably the aim to autonomously capture reliable and stable footage at nearly 40,000m, and hoping to capture a day and night cycle using multiple revolutionary techniques.


The 2019 Team

team_face Krish Shah Leading designer/the paper reader

I love aerospace and joining horizon is an incredible opportunity to reach new heights and learn about aerospace in a practical and engaging way

team_face Josh Kalirai Chief Fundraiser

Want to send food to space

team_face Sarvesh Rajdev Lead Software Engineer

Technology is crucial. I am able to be deployed anywhere in the team contributing to anywhere that software is needed. Computer Science is my strong suit and what I hope to study at university

team_face Lily Nicholson Lead Organiser

I joined Horizon to expand my knowledge of high altitude ballooning in a fun and enriching way. The skills practiced throughout this project will boost the way I think in preparation for higher education.

team_face Yuvraj Bansal Payload Design

I joined Horizon because I have a strong interest in Aerospace and Engineering, and I saw Horizon as an opportunity to explore this.

team_face James Elliot Engineering

Confidence and hard work. I enjoy Project Horizon to expand my knowledge and skills in engineering and electronics. I am fascinated by astronomy and weather patterns and in addition to this I want to build my communicative skills.

team_face Alex Meers Public Speaking

Communication is vital. Horizon requires total communication with the payload at all times in order to determine its location. I intend to help with engineering and project promotion, as I hope to make the most of this opportunity.

team_face Yash Jiwa Engineering and Publicity

Leadership, hard-work and achievement. I joined Horizon because I wanted a new challenge and wanted to do something extra-ordinary. I can expand my skills and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.