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The Near Space Race


Horizon's mission for 2015/16 is "the Near Space Race" where two teams will be competing to design, build and launch a payload into the stratosphere. Take a look at our trailer for it...

Meet the Near Space Race team here.

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The story behind the 2015 mission - Sun Chaser - can be found here.

The story behind the 2014 mission - Beat Felix - can be found here.

The story behind the 2013 mission - Horizon 1 & 2 - can be found here.

Latest News

June 2016

Circuit Building and Balloon Training


Both teams continue the preparations for the upcoming launches next month.


NSR Meet 1

Polaris team leader Blazej solders components to his team's flight computer.


NSR Meet 2

Saba and Jasmine practice the procedures to attach and fill the balloon.


NSR Meet 3

Isaac positions components to be soldered for the beacon circuit which will audibly indicate the payload's location when it lands.


NSR Meet 4

Matt speaking to prospective sponsors for Horizon.


NSR Meet 5

Luna team leader Lewis constructing his team's flight computer as deputy leader Ben looks on.


NSR Meet 6

Aadam and Rajiv preparing the last few wires for their beacon circuit.


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April 2016

Horizon at the Thinktank Science Museum


Horizon returned to the Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham to showcase our project and this year's mission - the Near Space Race - to the museum visitors.

Thanks to the Horizon team and staff who came along to promote our project!

Thinktank 1

Thinktank 3

Thinktank 4

Thinktank 5

Thinktank 6


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March 2016

Equipment Testing and Software Tracking


The Near Space Race Horizon Mission is going well, with both teams now well underway with their projects.

Equipment Testing

Both teams look through equipment to see which best suit their team, also making sure they are in full working order. We are also playing around with the radios and coming to terms with the tuning of them.

Software Tracking

Both teams are getting to grips with the new software which will help them track their payload, shortly after the take-off.

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October 2015

Horizon at Queen Mary's Grammar School's Open Evening


Open Evening this year at Queen Mary's was as exciting and rewarding as it always is. Horizon was showcased to parents and prospective pupils, who were impressed with the project's achievements, particularly with the stunning footage of the sunrise from the stratosphere captured during the Sun Chaser mission.

Many thanks go to Matt Chislett and Lydia McGann for helping out with the promotion of Horizon.


Open Evening 1

A stand of the equipment we use during Horizon missions.


Open Evening 2

A display wall of images from our 2014/15 mission Sun Chaser.


Open Evening 3

Open Evening 4

Parents and primary school pupils learning about Horizon's work.


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July 2015

Horizon under new management


Mr Coghlan and CASSiE at the UK Space Conference 2015

As of this July I'll be retiring as the head of Horizon to take a new position at another school. I've had an incredible four years running one of the first school-based, Near Space Agencies. It's been a privilege to share in this adventure with some incredible pupils and I'm going to miss you all a great deal. Thank you to everyone who has helped in any way to build this project from the ground up. It has been a highlight of my career and I shall look back on my time at Queen Mary's fondly.

What will happen to the project? Horizon has become an integral part of Queen Mary's Grammar School and it belongs here. I'll be handing over the reins to the very capable Mr Sepede who will be heading up the project from this point forward.

September will mark the beginning of a new chapter in Horizon's history. There will be one or two new faces joining the staff team. A new team of pupils will sign up and a few of last year's members will stay on. There will be some fundamental changes in the structure of the project to make it stronger and to broaden it's scope. It's going to be a very exciting year.

Thank you to all of the incredible sponsors who have helped support the project over the years. I am extremely grateful for everything you have done for us. You've helped me to build a project which has had a positive impact on the lives of many pupils and has inspired many more.

I wish everyone the best of luck for the future!

Mr Coghlan

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